i think..


today, i was found not bringing the POD workbook..my teacher scolded us like crazy and wrote our name down coz the book will be graded and go into final term report..stupiid!!! then, i forgot to copy all materials from last week since i felt lazy to copy..

“justin, you are lucky! since you’re stay in boarding school, you have to submit it today by 3pm!” waaaaad??? I still have a lot things to do..ISO project lah, Mrs. Manjet Remidial lha..

then, i went home to take my POD workbook, immediately went to library and start copying it from Mr. Tang’s book..[mind to noe him?] hahas.. damn lazy to copy, additionally, his hand-writing is such a disaster for me to read [so tinyyy!! i think your letter is much bigger than your ‘thing’] hahas.

gotta one funniest story..I’m sorry to hear that Mr. G!! he has been ready for the “dinner”, but the actual dinner is tommolo..hahaha..relax ya boy..

MUG..and glass..MUG..and crystals

that’s all for todae, go shower first then go dinner to Botak Jones with Mr. Ajibrata [the world funniest animal]..lol..c ya and God bless


~ by ieutehjustin on September 19, 2008.

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