Last day


today is my last day in sg..bsoook pulaaang indoo..doakan saya sing selameet di indo..pilot LIONG AIRna rada eling, biar ‘nyetir’ pesawatna jago [loh, koq jago??] blooom ngepek baraaaang nee..


international nite keren abis..indo choir roox..but the percussion is ROXer!!hahaha..keep it up booys…congrats jga..bsok semanget ya di teacher’s day..idung jgan pada terbaaang jga..


  • clifford | arraging all the two songs
  • james | duplicating the dance from
  • happy | helping us in observing some ideas
  • darwin | caring for us
  • brian | tete to eeettt
  • matthew d gay | givin some ideas for the dance
  • ms. YL | rejecting us for Endang Dance
  • myself | arranging ‘Yamko rambe Yamko’ and percussions
  • guitarists
  • lio | he has a great gradient on his face..

~ by ieutehjustin on August 28, 2008.

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